About Us

Established in 1983, Mint Auto Body is a family owned and operated auto body shop that has grown to become a pillar in the auto body industry. Mint Auto Body has been built on a foundation of values that optomize the customer relationship. At Mint Auto Body we believe in treating our customers and team member’s  the way we would like to be treated and this includes doing the right thing even if it’s not the easiest way.

Career Opportunities

At Mint Auto Body, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the auto body industry. Our history and reputation prove that we are a trustworthy and reliable repair facility.

Mint Auto Body will be the place where your dream meets its match. To Know more, please visit our current  openings.

Mint Auto Body

6957 Waltham Ave

Burnaby, BC V5J 4V4, Canada

Tel: 604-433-1207


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